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Titan Industrial Water (TIW) is focused on Oil & Gas and Drinking Water. We work directly with companies and organizations that have serious water issues. Titan Industrial Water has two systems; one for O&G and Mining and the other for Drinking Water both developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos National Laboratory led a seven-year project with University of Texas and New Mexico tech. THE US DOE directed them to solve the treatment issue for oil & gas produced water.

 The OrganiClear™ System is portable and scalable for cleaning produced water for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industry. 

• IX Blü: Machine for eliminating arsenic in Private Homes, Entire Communities and Agricultural high-flow water systems.

TIW has solutions for testing water onsite with the Mark 1  Mobile Water Lab. The Mark 1 Mobile Water Laboratory provides an integrated platform for readiness-response to natural disasters, industrial accidents, or any other incident or event where analytical laboratories are needed.

Please contact George at 414.526.0052 for additional information and a quote specific to your needs.