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Clean and Simple.

OrganiClear™ System

Produced water is pumped into the OrganiClear module via a variety of customer interfaces, then fed into the OrganiClear SMZ Reactor.
The SMZ portion of the treatment system works by adsorbing organic compounds from produced water and filtering out iron and manganese floc that may be present. When saturated with organics, the SMZ is regenerated by air stripping. The off-gas is directed to the VPB, which biologically converts the volatile and semi-volatile components, particularly BTEX and NPD, to innocuous by-products at up to 99% removal efficiency. The produced water is then passed through the MBR component, which removes organic acids.

OrganiClear is comprised of three parts: 1) a rechargeable Surfactant Modified Zeolite (SMZ) filter; 2) a Vapor Phase Bioreactor (VPB); 3) and a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). These three components are integrated into a single machine, as a stand-alone system or as part of a more complex treatment train. OrganiClear machines are modular and transportable, with each unit treating from 300 to 1,000 bbls per day. Modules are ganged to create plants to process tens of thousands of barrels each day.

OrganiClear removes 99.9% of organic contaminants in a simple, easy to use, and rechargeable system for pennies a barrel—up to 95% less than the cost of hauling and injecting water into deep wells. Unlike other methods, OrganiClear does not create a toxic waste stream nor emissions.

OrganiClear offers oil & gas companies and water users a cost-effective treatment process to decontaminate produced water for discharge or for beneficial use. In addition to lowering production costs, OrganiClear provides a new water resource for industry and agriculture, and a more environmentally friendly solution for discharging and recycling produced water.